How much will it cost to fix my car?

People will commonly call in and ask us over the phone, how much to fix my car? 

Unfortunately, we can't answer that question. We can try to get some descriptive information from the customer. But giving a price over the phone is really about impossible. Because their description might be I got a little dent my door. 

Okay, what's little? Is it the size of a quarter? Is it the entire door demolished, etc? What kind of paint is on there? 

There's a lot of variables to be able to answer how much it's going to be able to fix. And one of the things that I'll commonly say on the phone is, well, it'd be like me asking you calling you up and saying how much is it to remodel my kitchen? And there's no way you can give me an answer on that because you need to know a lot of other clarifying questions behind that. 

So please understand if we can't give you a price over the phone it's because we need to see the vehicle and what's specific and unique to that, and then we can give you a proper estimate. So bring the car in 5-10 minutes, we can give you a proper estimate.