How do Body Shops fix dents?

The way we fix dents is per the OEM repair guidelines and per industry standards on the proper way to fix a damaged part on a vehicle. If it's dented, say like on a fender, well what the body man is going to do is he's going to sand it all down, get it down to the metal, he's going to it's really a lot of artistry like the good body men are true artists of the craft and they will use a variety of tools to pull the dent out.

They will get it as best they can match body lines etc. And then they're going to put a small skim coat of body filler over it and then sand that and it's kind of like a skim coat to make everything perfectly smooth. So they'll sand that to get everything shaped and accurate to where it was before the dent happened. And then it goes to our painting department where it gets sanded, painted, buffed, and then back to the customer.